Your Guide To Dry Cleaning

There are plenty of topics in this world we have heard of and have some idea about, although when it comes down to it, it turns out we really do not. Of these, dry cleaning is one; despite its popularity and wide availability, people are still not as aware as they should be about the process. Taking out the time to learn about it will actually put things into perspective for you which is important when it comes to clothes. After all, you do not want your favourite shirt ruining at the hands of some stranger when you have been able to hold onto it for so long! Why not unravel the secrets behind this cleaning service of Toorak dry cleaners, check out here.

The nature of the service is rather self-explanatory; dry cleaning is the cleaning of clothes without the use of water. Instead, solvents are used to dislodge dirt and stains without harming the clothes. In fact, dry cleaning is one of the best methods to clean and works beautifully on materials such as wool and silk. Around 20% of the cleaning process however, does involve some liquids so it is not 100% dry! Any laundry service should have the facility on offer.

Frankly, the main difference between normal washing and dry cleaning is the lack of water. Just as your washing machine would wash and spin as normal, the same applies for dry cleaning. The clothes are bundled into a tub similar to the machine, and then the solvents are added in; following this, the usual scrubbing motion will set in which is where the actual dirt starts coming off. In some places, they simply filter the solvent so it can be used later.

Perks are benefits. In a job, these are of course what an employee looks for! In the world of dry cleaning, a dry cleaners Prahran refers to a term known as ‘perc’. This is one of the primary solvents that have been used from the beginning, although today people have found alternatives in its place as they were found to be less hazardous. Places that choose to not use chemicals for the most part resort to the wet cleaning described above, as not all stains can be removed by dry cleaning alone.

If you have not paid much attention to the little tags inside your clothes, well maybe it is time you did. These labels instruct you exactly how to take care of the garment. If you see ‘Non-machine wash’ it means dry clean. They also show you at what temperature they should be ironed in as well as what materials the garment is made up of. This allows the cleaners to also get an idea about how they need to treat it. To ensure your clothes do not get ruined, learning about them inside and out will ensure you save onto that favourite t-shirt over a long period of time.