Technology And Human Rights

The enhancement of human rights
Technology today has enabled us to make sure that human rights are preserved in at a more optimum level. Human rights activists have started turning more and more towards technology in order to make sure that human rights are enhanced and protected better. The rapid advancement in technology, has made technology an integral part of our day to day lives. From the time we reach for our smart phones to switch off the alarm in the morning, till we send a message to a loved one across the globe before we go to sleep at night, we use technology constantly throughout the day to fulfill various tasks.
The right to privacy
Technology was initially accused of invading the private space of individuals. Technology was seen as something which took away the individual’s right to privacy. However, today, technology has been developed to further enhance security and privacy. The enhanced privacy settings in various social media sites are an example of this. Further, there are also facilities such as enterprise password manager software that help to protect the confidentiality of information. Therefore, for example, if you want to protect any important or confidential information at your place of work, you will have to make sure that you install this enterprise password safe vault which make sure that anyone who is not authorized to handle the information, is denied access to the information that is thus secured. Thus, there are many new features in technology that has enabled our right to privacy to be protected and enhanced.
Freedom of expression and right to information
Technology has also made great strides in the enhancement of the freedom of speech and expression. Today, we are able to share our opinions and thoughts with a larger group of people through the introduction of various social media sites such as facebook and twitter. An individual is able to express his or her opinion freely and to share his or her views on various issues in society with the world at large. This has also led to the uncovering of various other human rights violations. People are able to draw the attention of the public and of the relevant authorities to instance of human rights violations.
Further, where change is needed, people have been able to use these social media sites as a platform to lobby for these changes. In addition, the advancement of technology has also enhanced an individual’s right to information. Information on any issue or subject is freely available online today. This has also resulted in the increase in the transparency and accountability of those in authority, thus curbing corruption effectively.