Is Mold Circulating In Your Home Air?

We often neglect servicing of our home HVAC units. However, for several health reasons we need to ensure regular servicing and maintenance of these units, especially before summer months when you are about to use them extensively. Often, there are signs such as family members suffering from respiratory infections, which could be due to mold circulating in the air from HVAC units.

What to do?

If you think that the home air is unclean and it is due to the air conditioning systems that are kept running, you need to clean or replace the Super Cool Air Conditioning Adelaide filter. This is a common place where mold usually gathers. If you are adept to cleaning air conditioner units yourself, get hold of a commercial grade cleaner which will get rid of mold from air conditioner filters.

Otherwise, you could also call in an air conditioning repairs & service to get the units serviced. That would comprise of the service provider checking all necessary parts and cleaning out the different components of the system where dust and mold usually accumulates. When you wish to clean the filters yourself, ensure that you take safety precautions. This would mean wearing a mask when you are cleaning the filter unit or replacing the same. Ensure that moisture does not accumulate in the filter or other components of the air conditioner as that is how mold accumulation occurs.

Get expert help

For simple window units cleaning the filters can be easy as accessibility might be high. However, for air conditioner units that are located high up on ceilings it is best to get professional help. Usually experienced personnel will be able to take off the necessary components that need to be cleaned, no matter where the air conditioner unit is located. Again, the type of air conditioner unit also requires different actions. A central air conditioner unit would need a comprehensive evaluation to find the mold accumulation area. The ductworks also need to be examined and cleaned as dust and mold accumulation is high in such areas.With expert cleaning of your air conditioning systems once or twice in a year you can breathe easy. When you and your home members are dependent on the air that is circulated by the HVAC system, you need to ensure that the air quality is not compromised. This can have repercussions on your health, especially on your respiratory systems. It can also trigger allergic reactions in certain people. For such reasons, get an annual maintenance contract done with a reliable servicing company to ensure proper functioning of the HVAC units and good quality air circulating in your home.