How To Stay Calm And Relaxed At Work?

Work has eclipsed our normal day to day life so much that we don’t have enough time to just be ourselves. A lot of people are stuck in small cubicles at work living a sedentary lifestyle to the most part. This can have very harmful effects both on your mental and physical life. In this article, we will be discussing a few ways to reduce work stress and stay relaxed at the office.

Start out the morning slowly

Instead of rushing out of your house in a hurry, plan your morning routine. Start a little early, make some coffee and sit at the table to enjoy it. You can even put some fruits together and enjoy a smoothie. This will provide you with all the multivitamins you need for the day. You can also try some yoga or go for an early jog to wake you up. But you should remember that to do all these stuff you need to go to sleep early. Having a good sleep will ensure that you are well rested and ready to take on the day.

Take control

You need to organize yourself, your work desk and your computer so that you will not scramble around for missing equipment and files. Make sure your inbox is coordinated so that your eye goes immediately to the urgent messages. By knowing which duties need priority you can shelve the other responsibilities to complete at a later date. This will make sure you’re not overwhelmed. There are also projects you can take part in to deal with the stress of the job such as workplace counselling or a workplace stress management workshop.

Take a break once in a while

Make sure you get away from your desk once in a while. Take a walk around the office or talk to a fellow employee. Get some water to stay hydrated. Our skin dries out quickly because of the air conditioning. Keep some moisturizer with you at hand and remind yourself to drink more water. Getting away from the desk forces you to sit up and stretch your muscles.

Think of what you eat and drink

You should be careful about what you eat. It’s very easy to order food from outside but a lifetime of bad food choices can lead to bad health. Stay away from preserved and artificial food as much as possible. Try bringing a healthy snack such as sunflower seeds or some nuts that you can top up on during breaks. You could keep a few packets of herbal tea in your desk drawer as an alternative to fizzy drinks.

Engage in exercise

If you have an hour long lunch break, go outside to eat. Take a walk around the clock and absorb some sunshine. You can use a stress ball at your desk to work out your fingers. Take the stairs to work instead of the lift. Just start with small things and you will eventually become a healthier well rounded person.